WordPlay Assistant v3.1 Is Here!

April 15, 2011

We’re proud to announce the release of WordPlay Assistant and WordPlay Assistant Free v3.1!

This new version includes the following new features

  • A notification bar icon to allow you to quickly reopen the app
  • The Crosswords tab can now be used with all Scrabble dictionaries (paid version only)
  • If you use a wildcard when generating anagrams via the Anagram tab, the letter being used as the wildcard will be shown in GREEN in the results
  • Added Clear buttons to all text entry boxes so you can quickly erase your last search
  • Text entry box contents will be saved so that when the app restarts they will be restored
  • Removed an unnecessary check for Airplane Mode prior to each search

The price for WordPlay Assistant remains 99 cents and WordPlay Assistant is free and ad supported.

Pick up your copy today at the Android Market!


WordPlay Assistant v3.0 Released!

February 27, 2011

We are proud to announce the release of version 3.0 of WordPlay Assistant today.

The main changes are that this is the first version with both a FREE and PAID version of the app.  The free version only contains the Anagram and Word Judge tabs and displays advertising from AdMob.  The paid version adds the Dictionary and Crosswords tabs and the ability to install the Scrabble dictionaries on your device (for when you are out of reach of the Internet).

The best news of all is that the price of the paid version is now just 99 cents!!!!  Pick up a copy today at the Android Market.

Additional changes…

The Anagram tab now has two text entries; one for tray letters and one for board letters.  The search results now show the board letters highlighted in red text to help players fit words on the Scrabble(TM) playboard.

The search history code has been cleaned-up necessitating the creation of V3 history data.  All prior history is removed when v3.0 is started the first time.

When sorting search results alphabetically, results are now indexed by the first letter of the word.  The scroll bar will present the user with the current index being viewed.

Crashes were fixed that were caused by hitting the Search button without any search string entered.  Applies to all tabs.

Progress dialogs have been fixed so that hitting Cancel will cause the search to be properly terminated and the user to be returned to the main screen.

WordPlay Assistant Definitions Return

October 26, 2010

The service that supplies dictionary and thesaurus services to WordPlay Assistant, dict.org, has returned to service and our customers should be able to get those services again from the app.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

WordPlay Assistant Definitions Down Temporarily

October 25, 2010

Dict.org, the service that WordPlay Assistant uses to get word definitions, is currently not operating.  Until this is resolved, WordPlay Assistant cannot display these definitions for our customers.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Closed Alpha for RPNCalc Announced

October 11, 2010

Today we are announcing a closed alpha test for our newest app, RPNCalc. We are looking for 10-20 individuals to give this app a try, kick the tires, provide feedback, report bugs, etc. over the next few months. RPNCalc is a fully featured RPN style calculator with a small embedded Forth/RPL-like programming language. Currently, the programming constructs available are limited to IF…ELSE…ENDIF, but WHILE, FOR, etc. are going to be provided in the final application.

The current feature set in v1 includes:

  1. Handling of integers, fractions, reals, complex numbers, booleans, code, and strings values (words).
  2. An “unlimited” stack and program memory (for word and code storage).
  3. Logical, bitwise, trig, complex, number base, etc. operators, fully expandable by the user.
  4. Simple programming with IF, ELSE, ENDIF, IFT, and IFTE.
  5. A “stdout” output interface to capture results.
  6. A main calculator view that has a traditional “button driven” interface.
  7. Memory and stack views that have a “command line” driven interface.

Planned future features (subject to change!):

  1. Full set of programming constructs (WHILE, DO, FOR, etc)
  2. Unit conversions
  3. Integration of Android system components (sensors, UIs, etc).
  4. Alternate keyboard layouts/modes (4 func calc mode, adding machine mode, etc)
  5. Algebraic infix to postfix evaluator
  6. Matrices and vectors
  7. Load and save program code
  8. User configurable keyboards
  9. Graphing of functions
  10. (Your ideas here)

Known issues/deficiencies in RPNCalc v1:

  1. Not all words have keys on the main calculator interface.
  2. Error reporting is lacking.
  3. When a command fails to run successfully, the items popped from the stack are lost (and there is no UNDO yet).
  4. EEX and scientific/engineering display modes don’t work.
  5. Changing the sign (CHS) of a non-base 10 integer yields incorrect results.
  6. The main icon is the generic Android one.
  7. You cannot use POW/** with complex numbers.
  8. Many words are still not implemented (marked with UNIMPL in the memory view).
  9. Dividing two integers yields a fraction, not a real, which might be what the user wants.
  10. The app is pretty much untested on screens less than 800×480.
  11. The current keyboard layout leaves a lot to be desired.
  12. Some operations might be slow.
  13. (I’m sure there are many, many more…)

How the RPNCalc Closed Alpha will work:

  1. Interested individuals will send an email to portlandportable@gmail.com and state that they meet the criteria and agree to the two terms (see #4, below).
  2. Individuals that meet the participation criteria (see list, below) will be sent an .apk file to their email for installation on their device. Please do not forward the file to other people or store the file in a public location.
  3. Bugs, suggestions, complaints, feedback, etc. will be sent to portlandportable@gmail.com.
  4. Once a participant sends 3 or more relevant pieces of feedback, they will automatically be sent an updated version when it becomes available (including the final version).
  5. A usage guide will be posted on this blog in the coming days.
  6. The RPNCalc alpha version (v1) will expire (cease to function) on Jan 1, 2011.

Participation criteria:

  1. Own a “high end” Android phone with a 800×480 screen (Droid 1/2/X, Incredible, EVO, etc)
  2. Have some experience with RPN calculators and/or Forth.
  3. Use the app for non-critical calculator tasks.
  4. By participating in the closed alpha, you are agreeing to 1) not distribute the alpha software to others, and 2) not use the software for any critical use (see NOTE below).


WordPlay Assistant v2.2 Released

August 26, 2010

Today we are releasing WordPlay Assistant v2.2.

This version fixes many problems encountered due to network errors.  Previously, WPA would retry each request a number of times.  v2.2 fixes this by implementing infinite retries and allowing the user to cancel the request by adding a Cancel button to the dialog box displayed while a request is being made.  We have also included better error text whenever WPA makes a request while connected to public WiFi networks which require authentication before use.

v2.2 also turns off any typing auto-correction when entering words in any of the tabs.

We have also fixed history processing so that it works properly.

WordPlay Assistant v2.1a Released

May 31, 2010

WordPlay v2.1a was released today.

It contains better error handling for certain types of networking issues our customers were experiencing.  Some of those issues include the inability to find our dictionary server by its name, an inability to connect with or being disconnected from our servers, or a protocol error being encountered.

Most of those error conditions are recoverable so v2.1a will attempt to retry your requests 5 times before giving up.  If this occurs, you will still get an error dialog which you can report to us for diagnosis.