WordPlay Assistant v2.1 Released!

We’re proud to introduce WordPlay Assistant v2.1, the Scrabble(TM) player’s best friend.

This release builds on the Word Judge feature added in v2.0 by allowing you to enter more than one word to be judged.  Just separate the words with commas and the Word Judge will determine if one or more of the entered words is invalid.  This is great for determining if a single play on the board is valid for all words on the board that the play creates.

We’ve also added the ability to sort both anagram and dictionary lookups by word length…a great feature when you’re trying to unload as many letters in your rack as possible in a single play.

Both of the above features were requested by our customers.

Dictionary definitions have been beefed up in v2.1 by opening up the entire dictionary set provided by dict.org.

Finally, we’ve fixed a major problem caused by changing the orientation of your handset.  Previously, when reorienting the screen it was possible to crash WordPlay Assistant or cause the just submitted search to be resubmitted.  Neither of these situtations should occur in the future.

WordPlay Assistant is now better than ever!  Get over to the Android Market and buy it today!


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