WordPlay Assistant v3.0 Released!

We are proud to announce the release of version 3.0 of WordPlay Assistant today.

The main changes are that this is the first version with both a FREE and PAID version of the app.  The free version only contains the Anagram and Word Judge tabs and displays advertising from AdMob.  The paid version adds the Dictionary and Crosswords tabs and the ability to install the Scrabble dictionaries on your device (for when you are out of reach of the Internet).

The best news of all is that the price of the paid version is now just 99 cents!!!!  Pick up a copy today at the Android Market.

Additional changes…

The Anagram tab now has two text entries; one for tray letters and one for board letters.  The search results now show the board letters highlighted in red text to help players fit words on the Scrabble(TM) playboard.

The search history code has been cleaned-up necessitating the creation of V3 history data.  All prior history is removed when v3.0 is started the first time.

When sorting search results alphabetically, results are now indexed by the first letter of the word.  The scroll bar will present the user with the current index being viewed.

Crashes were fixed that were caused by hitting the Search button without any search string entered.  Applies to all tabs.

Progress dialogs have been fixed so that hitting Cancel will cause the search to be properly terminated and the user to be returned to the main screen.


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