WordPlay Assistant v3.1 Is Here!

April 15, 2011

We’re proud to announce the release of WordPlay Assistant and WordPlay Assistant Free v3.1!

This new version includes the following new features

  • A notification bar icon to allow you to quickly reopen the app
  • The Crosswords tab can now be used with all Scrabble dictionaries (paid version only)
  • If you use a wildcard when generating anagrams via the Anagram tab, the letter being used as the wildcard will be shown in GREEN in the results
  • Added Clear buttons to all text entry boxes so you can quickly erase your last search
  • Text entry box contents will be saved so that when the app restarts they will be restored
  • Removed an unnecessary check for Airplane Mode prior to each search

The price for WordPlay Assistant remains 99 cents and WordPlay Assistant is free and ad supported.

Pick up your copy today at the Android Market!